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One minute and forty seconds into The R’s’ single “I Love My Family” bassist Pietro Paletti unleashes a maniacal scream that lasts a little too long and reveals something important: The R’s is a band on the edge of its sanity.
To really appreciate that, you have to see the trio from Italy in concert. The song ends, but the band breaks into a thundering jam. Pierluigi slices his guitar through the air with the look of a detached gangster. Pietro drives the head of his bass into the stage floor. At the drums Mauro smiles, surprised to find the band still perfectly on beat. During their New York debut an audience member said, “I like it when they go crazy.”
Having risen to the top of an underground indie rock scene in Italy, The R’s played their first US shows this spring in New York and at the SXSW music festival in Austin. With their sharp Italian style and delirious rock energy the band is prepared for a worldwide invasion. Look for their upcoming album De Fauna Et Flora and – whatever you do – don’t miss them in concert.